Secure Access

PortSight Secure Access is the most flexible .NET security component for user management and application access rights management. It is fully compliant with ASP.NET 2.0 provider model, extends the .Net framework security and exposes the functionality through WCF and WSE web services. PortSight Secure Access can be used for securing Web Applications, Web Services as well as WinForms and Silverlight applications.

User Management
Manage user profiles, passwords and preferences. Organize users into user groups and hierarchical organizational units.
Check user’s identity and password-protect your applications using Windows or Forms authentication.
Access Control
Control access to your Web site or applications according to user’s roles and permissions.
Auditing Trail
Track user activities to the log to ensure responsibility and meet legal rules.
Import from Active Directory
Integrate your .NET applications with Active Directory, Windows domains and existing user databases.
Roles, Membership and Profile Providers
ASP.NET 2.0 Membership provider authenticates users against a store of users, the Role provider authorizes users to perform actions based on roles they have been assigned and the Profile provider allows the saving of additional user details.
API Exposed Through WCF/Web Services
Build centralized authority for securing your enterprise applications and authenticating/authorizing users.

Community Edition
Free solution for smaller projects with limited number of user accounts (100).
Standard Edition
Full-featured, unlimited edition without import features.
Enterprise Edition
The most comprehensive security solution for enterprise projects with all integration features.

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