Meta Tree

Manage tree hierarchies in your Web applications

Using PortSight Meta Tree, you can easily organize your relational data in a tree structure and publish them in your ASP.NET applications.

Where can I use it?

PortSight Meta Tree is extremely useful for building
  • multilingual Web sites
  • Enterprise Information Portals
  • e-commerce product catalogs
  • knowledge bases
  • contact or task management systems

... and generally any application, where you need:

  • tree structure
  • flexible permissions "per item" with inheritance support
  • personalized menus based on permissions
  • Web-based user interface providing  Windows Explorer-like features
  • fast, metadata-driven development
  • publishing for multiple devices using XSLT
  • search in all data and attached files

How does it work?

  1. You can import your existing relational database table as a new object type in the system. Meta Tree automatically generates SQL code for reading, modification and copying your records.
  2. Then, you define one or more XSLT transformations that will be used for viewing this type of object. You can use predefined templates and modify them if you don't feel familiar with XSLT.
  3. You can specify address of page for editing of this object type.
  4. You can define the whole structure of your Web application and render it as menus. Then you can define object types such as articles, products, news, technical specifications, knowledge base items etc.
  5. You build your Web application and use Meta Tree server controls for rendering data from the tree structure in your application.
  6. You or your administrator can use flexible built-in permission system to grant users with permissions.
  7. Your users can use Web-based user interface for editing content of your application.

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Screen Shots

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Editors can navigate through tree data in a Windows Explorer-like environment:

You can define editing page per each object type:

Flexible permission system supports inheritance like in NTFS:


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